Prof. Massimiliano Barolo

Dr. Massimiliano Barolo is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and the President of the School of Engineering of the University of Padova. After graduating with honors in Chemical Engineering, he worked as a process engineer in the largest petrochemical site in Italy. He earned the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering in 1994. His main research interests are in the fields of process chemometrics, and of dynamics, modeling, monitoring, and control of chemical processes and biomedical systems. He is the author or co-author of 100+ peer-reviewed papers and of some teaching monographs.


Prof. Fabrizio Bezzo

Dr. Fabrizio Bezzo is associate professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Padova. He received his degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Padova and his PhD at the Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London (UK). He worked at Silicon Graphics (Minneapolis, U.S.A.) and at Process Systems Enterprise (London,UK). His research interests comprise process design and supply chain optimization of production systems for renewable energy and biofuels, and the modeling and scaling-up of chemical and pharmaceutical processes. He has published over 100 scientific papers in international research journals and conference proceedings.

foto Dr. Pierantonio Facco

Dr. Pierantonio Facco

Dr. Pierantonio Facco is assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Padova. His research interests comprise the development and implementation of multivariate statistical techniques for the monitoring of industrial processes for the production of high added value goods.


foto Dr. Riccardo De Luca

Dr. Riccardo De Luca

Data analytics for industrial processes optimization, maintenance and development of user-driven tools

Ph.D students

foto Ing. Gabriele Bano

Ing. Gabriele Bano

Development of methods and tools for a quantitative definition of the design space for pharmaceutical production processes

foto Ing. Christopher Castaldello

Ing. Christopher Castaldello

Development of a microfluidic platform for microalgae investigation and modelling

foto Ing. Federico d'Amore

Ing. Federico d'Amore

Design and optimization of supply chains for CO2 capture, transport, and sequestration

Research assistants

foto Ing. Marco Cattaldo

Ing. Marco Cattaldo

Automatic maintenance of data-driven models for life-cycle product management in continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing